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Thailand Fishing Adventures - Giant Freshwater Ray Package - Lake Arapaima - Siamese Carp

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Thailand Fishing Adventures - Giant Ray, Arapaima and Siamese CarpThe mighty Maeklong River is situated in western Thailand. The river originates in Kanchanaburi province at the confluence of the River Kwai Yai and River Kwai. The mighty Maeklong then continues its journey through the Ratchaburi before ending its journey at Samut Songkran province in its lower reaches where it empties into the Gulf of Thailand. The Maeklong River is 145kms in length and is intersected by hundreds of canals and waterways. The lower reaches at Samut Songkran receive two tidal influxes daily altering the rivers depth and flow considerably. Samut Songkran is situated one and a half hours west of Bangkok and is the location of a large estuary where the Gulf of Thailand meets this massive tidal river. The lower reaches of the Maeklong River are a place of immense natural beauty and are host to a wide variety of wildlife, flora and fauna.

The famous Damnoen Saduak floating market is situated in the lower reaches of the Maeklong. The river is bordered by a multitude of sacred Buddhist temples some dating as far back as 400years and is truly a magical destination. In its murky depths lurk some of the largest freshwater predators in the world and a real sense of mystery is created whilst fishing.

The infamous Area 51 stretch of the Maeklong River at Samut Songkran has yielded numerous massive Giant Freshwater stingray to our rods with specimens to an estimated 150kg/330lb+. On arrival at our Area 51 site you will board a 30ft long tail boat equipped with sun awning and transported to one of several areas that we have identified as holding Giant freshwater stingray of world record proportions provided with all necessary fishing tackle and safety equipment. We offer riverside accommodation in the form of teak bungalows situated on the riverside those wishing to seriously target this ultimate predatory species if not then there are plenty of hotels in Bangkok. Fishing for Giant freshwater stingray on a massive tidal river such as the Maeklong requires specialist guides and an experienced captain. When a Giant freshwater stingray is captured a high degree of skill and experience is needed to safely secure and release such a specimen without harming the anglers or the creature. Three to four guides are required to successfully land such a large and potentially dangerous creature. When brought alongside the boat the lethal tail is immediately secured by one or more of the team who carefully wrap/bind the fish’s barb with cloth until it is released.

Fishing on the Maeklong River is timed to coincide with lunar phases and information gleaned from tidal charts concerning tidal movements affording the angler the best opportunity to do battle with the largest freshwater fish on the planet! All angling expeditions to the Maeklong River entail fishing from boats throughout the day exploring various productive areas. Anglers visiting the Maeklong River will be surrounded by some breathtaking scenery and experience a multitude of wildlife whilst fishing this mighty river whilst treated to never ending sunsets and a multitude of sacred temples which adorn its banks. With the considerable distance from Bangkok that this area is located and the elusive and nomadic nature of this mighty predator it is advised that anglers spend a good few days or even a couple of weeks in search of this mighty species.

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