Thailand Fishing Guide - Rick Humphreys

Thailand Fishing Guide - Rick HumphreysRick Humphreys - Born London UK - Age 35

Fishing Guide

Top 3 Personal Bests

Siamese Carp - 176lb
Arapaima - 319lb
Freshwater Stingray - 352lb


When we contacted Rick to help you catch some of South East Asia's biggest Freshwater Fish we knew we had contacted the right man. Ricks passion for adventure will see us battle against the 11th largest river system in the World for some of Earth’s largest freshwater fish. Rick is conscientious with attention to detail; he has a great passion for fishing conservation and is a more than welcome addition to the team.


In England I had been a keen carp angler, fishing in England and France for over twenty five years with a fair degree of success but it was almost eight years ago when I first arrived in the Kingdom of Thailand. I was instantly captivated by this land of stunning natural beauty with its lush green jungles, vast mountain ranges and wild untamed rivers. A land steeped in ancient culture and tradition, a land of sacred gold encrusted temples and magnificent never ending sunsets. I would return many times after this first trip, finally making Thailand my permanent home three years ago and settling in the province of Surrathani in the southern part of the country.

On one of my early trips to Thailand I enquired into the possibility of doing some fishing whilst in Bangkok. One afternoon whilst fishing at the now famous Bungsamlan I had the good fortune to meet a local man. His name was Wuttichai Khuensuwan a.k.a Boy a highly capable local angler with an infectious enthusiasm with regards to angling. He told me tales of monster fish that lurked in wild remote places seemingly untouched by time. From our first meeting, it was obvious that his knowledge of angling in Thailand was incredible and we both shared a common passion for angling. Little did I know what a big impact he would have on my own fishing career and that of the freshwater angling scene across the world! From this chance meeting a friendship and working partnership was born and would see us both involved in some of the most exciting fishing adventures over the next seven years. Chasing our dreams and fishing in some of the worlds wildest and most remote locations in search of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. Together we are the captors of 49 individual Giant Freshwater Stingray with estimated weights to 484lb. This fish is possibly the largest true freshwater fish ever landed on rod and line.

We are engaged in research concerning these giant freshwater rays with Dr. Zeb Hogan from Mega fish’s project/National Geographic society in addition to the and various other concerned groups. We also actively educate of local people concerning the conservation of this species habitat and have contributed heavily to National Geographic with pictures appearing globally who filmed a giant ray that gave birth. I was really excited when approached to be on board as a guide and look forward in helping catch that next monster fish.

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