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Wayne Anstee - I had heard of Stephen as a guide on the grapevine and when booking never expected to catch so many big fish nor see such fishing professionalism. The standard of tackle and thinking behind the fishing ensured I caught a dream catfish of 205lb and was blown away by the number and sizes caught compared to other fishing reports. There are lots of companies to choose from as I had a good look, if ever I was to go back I’d be ringing these guys up without a doubt.

Duncan Rooke - I caught a 215lb catfish on the last night of the first week of fishing, after an hour it was verified on several sets of scales for a New Spanish Record of 212lb. I was excited before the trip and never dreamt of catching such a lump and having all the press attention when I got back home to England. Since then Stephen and the Carp and Cat Bussters Team have proved they are top of the tree and get my vote for best Holiday.

Dan Aplin - I had previously carp fished in Oxford with Stephen, Andy and knew Ron by reputation. I booked up and went to Spain and had the best Holiday ever. I have been to France and love the big carp but the big Catfish is the best fight yet and these boys have got it sussed. The tackle is probably the best on the river, the guides are true fishermen and Im booked back in for a return attempting to beat my 202lb personal best!

Adey Hull - I have fished all around the world for some of the biggest guided fish, I am a repeat customer since 2005 and every week I have been we have caught the most and the biggest fish. Stephen on his day is a World Class Guide, his thinking and fishing ability has done us proud for many years and will do for many years to come.

David Shepp - My first trip out was back in 2006 and have been back several times each year since, my personal best is 208lb from the river Ebro and a monster of a catfish. Although I have caught a lot of big ones we all know there is bigger in the river and I want another one. Stephen and team do a great job and in comparison leave some of the more established set ups red faced. I have 2 trips booked on 2009 and cant wait to get back at them.

Brian Westergaard - I travelled from Denmark to the Ebro for some carp fishing; the swim we were put in was just perfect, my friend and I fell in love with it and caught our new personal best common carps several times. The fishing went quiet and Stephen put a catfish rod out and I caught the largest Wels catfish for a Dane at 203lb.

Michael Dunn - I had been with two other guiding companies before giving Carp and Cat Bussters a try, to be honest I will only go back with them, the tackle is the best, they have the most fishing knowledge and as guides they knock the socks off my previous Ebro experience. If you want some good advice book with Stephen as you get the best deal by far, oh and you catch some of the biggest fish too, I return in 2009 to beat my best of 201lb.

Neil Jebson - Had about 5 holidays now with Carp and Cat Bussters having previously been guided by others working on the river. I have had some great carp and some lovely cats including a 150lb+ albino. They have the best tackle and probably the best know how rig and tactics wise, in 2008 I caught my best catfish of 203lb, this year I hope to beat it.

Mark James - I can’t pat Stephen on the back hard enough, he is a great guy and a great angler, if ever you want to go anywhere in the world to catch a big fish you must try and make sure he is by your side. I have caught my biggest fish and learnt much as fishing is definitely in the blood of this family. I have several trips planned in the near future and cant wait to get back on the bank with this bunch of fishing hero’s.

Peter McGreggor - Was so impressed first time I’ve rebooked every year since 2005, I’ve experienced some excellent fishing and can’t recommend Carp and Cat Bussters enough. Whether you’re a first timer or seasoned regular your next holiday is set to be the best yet and Im looking forward to my return in 2009.

Mark Wake - Don’t really know what to write but just put you’re the bollocks and everyone needs to take a leaf out of your book when it comes to fish care. I will phone you in morning for some winter carping ;)

Del Bullfield - I really like the tackle and the areas we fish are usually the best, you get the best value for money and can’t ask for more, the big fish are a bonus but with Carp and Cat Bussters you’re in with the best shout.

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