Canadian Fishing Adventures - Sturgeon

Canadian Fishing Adventures - SturgeonWith Mike Duncan and his team on-board we are true leaders at sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River. Our guides are among the very best on the river, we are known for putting customers into larger fish regularly, and for our hook up consistency. Compared to most of our competitors, Prestige Sport fishing is not afraid to go the distance to put our clients into fish and give them the best chance at hooking up. It is not uncommon for our guides to put major mileage on our boats in pursuit of the prime fishing spots, or stay out longer if we are not pleased with an outing so far. We have high standards on what an outing should be like. With this in mind, our guides have the best results imaginable.

The Fraser River not only is one of the world’s best salmon rivers, but is one of the best in the world for another fish species that lurks the depths of this river, have been for over one hundred million years. The prehistoric white sturgeon prowls the river bottom, searching for food.

Sturgeons are often overlooked by anglers, as they are thought to be a large lazy sucker fish. The best parts of fishing for sturgeons are the incredibly hard battles with these monsters and the terrific aerial shows that they put on. Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser Valley area of British Columbia is considered to be world class. The Fraser Valley area is one of the largest sturgeon production areas in the world. Given this factor, it offers anglers from across the globe the opportunity to consistently hook into these Prehistoric fish 12 months of the year. A common size is 4 to 6 feet in length with several larger fish in the 7 to 10 foot range hooked throughout the season. Sturgeon are well known for their long hard runs peeling up to 200 yards of line off, usually leading to big tail walking jumps.

Imagine anchoring in a large deep hole, casting out and dropping down your bait to the rivers bottom.

The whole world goes quiet, there’s a strange feeling in the air, like there is something lurking. You sit and watch your rod; the tip slowly bends down, slow and hard even pulls.

Your guide says 'Hook him', you put all of your strength into the hook set; it's like hooking a log. Suddenly before you can blink your eyes, the fish has awoken from the great river depths, screaming 200 yards of line off the reel like a passing freight train, as you watch the biggest fish of your life tail walk out of the water like a great marlin.

Over a one hour hard battle later, you have landed a fish of a lifetime, measuring over 8 feet in length and weighing over 300 pounds! This truly is a memory that will last a lifetime. You will want to come back the following year, why? Because there are larger fish waiting to be caught, and you are now addicted.

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