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Ronnie Buss - Famous Carp angler and Fishing Consultant
Very proud that both sons are now taking the bull by the horns, Stephen has laid some good foundations to build upon in the years to come and has caught and guided some outstanding fish, my hat goes off to him. All those fishing with us can be sure at getting the best advice, the best chance of catching the fish seen on this site and the best value for money, put yourself and the boys to the test and be lucky in 2009.

Jan Booth & Steve Dunnett - Big fish enthusiasts and tackle tycoons
We have fished the area since 2002 and have considerable experience of many of the other guiding companies. Stephen is second to none. We consider Stephen to be the thinking fisherman's guide. Stephen's fish care is beyond comparison, he has developed his signature pebble rigs with an eye to both fish welfare and being eco-friendly. He always manages to find new and exciting swims each time we visit, carefully chosen to suit the river conditions, which is very different from other companies. We have caught in extreme conditions when most other companies have failed to put fish on the bank, above all, all our trips with him have been memorable, regardless of what we catch. He is great company and also takes great photos! Can't wait for the next trip!

Howard Lamb - The Treasurer
Very impressed and it takes a bit, one can only expect bigger and better things to come.

Stuntman Dave - Director and coordinator of some of the most spectacular stunts in the movies
Just as action packed as some of the films I’ve worked on, the tackle is top quality as is the service and level of professional guiding from Stephen. His understanding and explanation leaves no doubt, my return is already secured to him. I can not wait to up my personal best in 2009 and am coming back with and without the family.

Derek Richie - Famous Carp angler and qualified Angling Instructor
Keep an eye on this lot, there nearly as raving as me, top set of anglers and a joy to be in the company of. I’ve known Ronnie a good number of years and always share a chuckle and a beaming grin; these fishing holidays around the world are a must and trust you in probably the best set of hands on the scene.

Ian Russell - Famous Carp angler and qualified Angling Instructor
Our Ronnie, bless him needs no introduction, a mentor as such and one who I will always respect and look up to, with this in mid if your up for a worldwide fishing adventure then the info on this website will have you best prepared for the best fish at the best price. Son of is top draw, I’ve seen him pull the goods out the bag in nearly the worst of condition and with him onboard you will not be disappointed.

Ian Macmillan - Famous Carp angler and tackle consultant
True English Lion hearts and heroes to some in fishing including myself, I’ve been to Spain a few times and my only return will be to the Ebro with Mini Bus. You can bet bottom dollar you will be in short chucking distance from some of the biggest fish and the best fishing when on holiday with these guys.

Johnny Jensen - Sport fishing Journalist & Photographer
I have had the great pleasure of fishing with Stephen Buss two times, and I can assure you we will fish together again; be that in Spain or any other place on the planet, I look forward to our next adventures. Stephen has hosted me and my friends on the River Ebro; where we were looked after 24/7 - Stephen's fishing skills, his professional setup and his great hospitality ensures that you will get the best out of your fishing time with him.

Joe Taylor - Tackle shop owner and International Angler
I’ve had some great fishing moments with Stephen and he certainly has had his fair share of big fish. I have heard great reports and seen with my own eyes; where ever you’re fishing adventure is around the World you are in great hands.

Bob Baker - Owner of Richworth Baits
Loved having Ron on board and wouldn’t swap him for the world. I’ve also had an eye on Stephen, obviously from when he was a child and I bet our Rocket is a very proud man. I have a good understanding about the world of fishing and if you are thinking about an overseas fishing adventure then these guys should be the first you contact.

Ian Welsh - Fox Consultant, fishing Journalist & Photographer
Great setup, great anglers, very special company and have no hesitation in putting these guys top of list when it comes to fishing in Spain. Packages available cater for everyone, the tackle is the best on the bank and the price blows the competition out of the water. Consistent big fish catch records show that your in the best set of hands and I cant wait to up my personal best catfish 2009.

Dave Gawthorn - Famous Angler and qualified Angling Instructor
Got a lot of time for Ron and have looked up to his fishing escapades since a child, if ever you were thinking of leaving home shore to seriously catch some big fish then Ronnie’s sons have climbed the fishing ladder very quick and with the best tackle and biggest fish records, there is only one choice.

Lee Jackson - Famous Carp Angler
Serious about fishing, light hearted about life, Ronnie will make sure his boys provide the best and have done so far. Your holidays with these will be packed with big fish action, many a good laugh and all for the best price. Biggest thumbs up!

Chris Mckendry - Poker Shark
Probably one of the best set ups on the river in the shortest timeframe with undoubtedly the best big fish records, being mainly down to one set of shoulders is outstanding, and gets my vote hands down.

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