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Thailand Fishing Adventures - Siamese CarpThe legendary Bungsamlan Lake is situated in Bangkok and is home to some of the largest freshwater fish on the planet. The lake was formerly a quarry that supplied building material for construction in the city and has been a fishery for about twenty years. Bungsamlan Lake covers an area of 20 acres with varying depths ranging between 10 and 25ft. The lake is dissected by a wooden platform (commonly referred to as the 'shed') spanning the entire length of the lake in addition to numerous stilted bungalows (private) dotted around the lakes edge and is host to numerous IGFA world records for various freshwater species including Mekong catfish, Chaophraya Catfish and Giant Siamese Carp.

Thailand Fishing Adventures - Siamese CarpBungsamlan can be described as a highly prolific fishery which can produce upwards of thirty Mekong catfish in a good days angling. The lake responds well to various tactics including sliding float / feeder techniques in addition to method tactics hard on the bottom over large baited areas. It is an extremely snaggy and demanding venue and holds some of the largest freshwater fish ever caught on rod and line. The snag ridden nature of this venue often requires the guide to enter the water in order to retrace the mainline after a fish has entered the snags. The predominant species in the lake is the Giant Mekong Catfish which perform spectacular jumping displays throughout the day.

Carp and Catfish anglers wishing to experience the exciting carp and cat fishing at this world famous lake will be equipped with all necessary fishing tackle and equipment including 50 kilo's of local ground bait known locally as 'lam' and all bait additives.

Thailand Fishing Adventures - Siamese CarpIn addition to Mekong Catfish Bungsamlan has an impressive stock of Giant Siamese Carp with weights estimated to reach almost one hundred kilograms. The Lake has received numerous stockings over its twenty year history with original stockings of large Giant Siamese Carp and Mekong Catfish caught from nearby rivers. In addition the lake has been stocked with literally thousands of other fish over the past ten years creating what is probably the most prolific specimen lake on the planet. Fishing from the public area known as the shed to a pre-baited marginal area where you can expect to experience hard fighting action from Giant Siamese Carp with weights upto one hundred kilo's. The duration for our daily carp and catfish packages lasts ten hours and it is advisable to fish midweek in an attempt to avoid the crowded public area at the weekends. Fishing is also available from private stilted bungalows. The lake has an on-site restaurant / tackle shop, W.C and shower facility are also present.

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