New Record Wels, Largest Wels Catfish Caught by a Dane

March 2006


New Record Wels, Largest Wels Catfish Caught by a DaneThe son of big carp man Ron ‘Rocket’ Buss has made catfishing history for the second time in less than a year this week & has set the world of catfishing on fire yet again with his first guided fish of 2006 being in excess of 200lb & a record fish in itself.

Brian Westergaard from Copenhagen banked a 203lb - 2m 41cm Wels catfish from the largest river system in Spain, at first light on the 4th of March 2006 & is to be claimed the largest catfish ever to be caught by a Danish angler.

The Giant catfish took a string of special 22mm halibut pellet at a depth of 16 metres using "The pebble rig" 80lb mainline braid to a size 10/0 Catbusster continental pellet hook.

Stephen said "Several good fish were located late last evening with this first light take taking all concerned totally by surprise, my feature location & pre-baiting has paid off beyond any expectation.

The take was slow & steady , quickly moving from the margins to some 150 meters into the main river Ebro on its first run. This is my first guided catfish of 2006 on the morning of the second day of Brian & Troels adventure, quite some achievement.

I am most grateful for Brian's natural fishing ability & agility in landing this hard fighting specimen & Troles Halfdan Taylor for helping be best look after the monster Wels whilst on the bank & some excellent photos. "

The full story on the record catfish, the personal best carps caught and The Pebble Rig is exposed below...

Two of Denmark’s top Specimen hunters Brian Westergaard & Troels Halfdan Taylor travelled from Copenhaguen to Spain last week to put Stephen Buss from Carp and Cat Bussters guiding skills to the test.

Both men were in pursuit of breaking there personal best common carp weights, which they did but a 203lb 2m 41cm Wels catfish tipped the scales & shot Brian Westergaard to the heights of catching the largest ever Catfish for a Dane.


Both personal best carp & the Giant Wels Catfish fell to a rig developed by Stephen.

Using some of the best carp tackle on the market, the rods that tamed the Giant Wels were 9’ Popper rods by Greys of Alnwick, the Albacore reels from Shakespeare. The main line braid & Hooklink was 80lb to a size 10/0 CatBusster Continental Pellet Hook, with a string of 22mm Monster Munchie Pellet as Bait.


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